Which milk in your coffee is for you?

It seems there’s an abundance of options out there to personalize your morning brew – well, any time of day really. At Spice, we aim to provide a wide range for our variety of customers… Variety after all, is the Spice of Life… All right, lame jokes aside – let’s jump in to the types of milks which baristas commonly use.

Cow’s milk – full cream

PROs – wonderfully flavourful, creates the silkiest froth. The most popular choice at Spice. Good source of protein and calcium as well as nutrients including Vit B12, iodine, whey, casein and magnesium.

Considerations – It is high in fat and therefore calorie content, contains lactose, contains animal products.


Cow’s milk – skim/skinny

PROs – less caloric content than its full cream counterpart whilst still maintaining a flavour profile that does not affect the coffee’s taste

Considerations – Contains lactose and animal products.


Rice milk

PROs – Vegan friendly and contains no lactose.

Considerations – Adds a sweetness to your coffee and alters flavour profile, can be ‘runnier’ than cows milk


Almond Milk

PROs – Less calorie content than cows milk. Vegan friendly and contains no lactose

Considerations – Some describe a nutty flavour and runny texture. For those who like their coffee hot – almond milk can separate and require stirring. More watery texture than cows milk


Soy Milk

PROs – Vegan friendly, contains no lactose. A ‘thicker’ choice of the milk alternatives

Considerations – Like almond milk, can separate.


Coconut Milk

PROs – Vegan friendly, contains no lactose.

Considerations – Whilst some choose it for the coconut flavour, some avoid it for the same reason


Lactose Free Milk

PROs – Texturises well (good frother), Lactose free… obviously… therefore easy to digest. Contains cows milk and so keeps nutritional benefits of calcium and Vitamin D without additives.

Considerations – Can taste sweet compared to regular cows milk, not vegan friendly


So, which is your milk of choice? Got a particular brand you like? Are we missing an option? Reach out at info@spiceoflifecafedeli.com


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