Our first blog from Tamborine Mtn!

Well, we finally got around to putting the metaphorical ink to metaphorical paper and to pair nicely with our revamped website we’ve decided to add a blog.

Now – lets put a little caveat in place upfront… Running a busy café and being locally owned and operated means we have no idea how often new blog posts will go up – but so help us we’ll sip enough CHIASSO to power an energizer bunny and see how we go.

A little history:

Spice of Life Café Deli was founded in 2005 and has always had the same owner – however has had a few directional changes since its inception (link to renovation/ past lives of the café). We used have an a la carte menu only for breakfast – and our lunch menu was mostly a variety of curries and salads to be picked out from the cabinet. Now, we are open from 6am to 5pm, have two different a la carte menus for both breakfast and lunch and take home options from the cabinet for dinner. Cakes (link to other blog post) have always been a feature of Spice of Life since its birth so no changes there (Germans LOVE their cake). But now you can order these cakes for your celebration from our online store. Catering has become a bigger part of Spice’s operations including weddings, picnics and parties.

And because we live in such a beautiful location with several lookouts and national parks, we have added picnic baskets as another feather to our hat.

It’s quite a lot (and that’s not even mentioning our delicatessen and giftware) but as they say

Variety is the Spice of Life

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