Its all in the coffee bean

Up on our beautiful mountain, in our charming café, we use Chiasso coffee. We thought it might be fun to shed some light on one of our main suppliers. Now, we borrowed some history from their website which you can check out here

Chiasso (pronounced Kee-ar-so) is Italian for “create an uproar” – and owners Andrew and Sharon certainly did that at Spice’s owner Heike’s 50th birthday party (we love our suppliers THAT much). Heike, Andrew and Sharon cut up the dance floor together and managed not to speak business but instead let their dance moves do the talking.

Andrew and Sharon have operated Chiasso (est. 1999) since 2011 and have continued to develop their passion for quality coffee – an interest we certainly both share.

Andrew’s drink is a _____________ and Sharon goes for _______________.

Chiasso actually created a specific blend for Spice of Life under the guidance of a master roaster from Monza, Italy. You can pick up a bag of this blend (either beans or ground) – from our online store or off the shelf at the café)

You can visit the Chiasso roastery in Capalaba and pick their brain about different origins of coffee and the roasting process. You can catch a glimpse of their A-grade (or higher) quality beans and check out which have Organic and Fairtrade certification.

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